How to Check Iqama Expiry Online | Top 3 Latest Ways

In Saudi Arabia residential permit is known as Iqama. Whenever you are traveling, make sure you have the Iqama with you. If the Jawazat catches you for not keeping Iqama with you, you need to provide 1000 Saudi Riyals as a penalty. You can renew your Iqama online After it gets expire.

Now you can check the Iqama expiry date without having an Absher account. Through online, you can check the Iqama expiry date from the Ministry of Labor inquiry service. This site will display your Iqama’s expiry date. Let’s have a look at how you can check the Iqama expiry date online through the ministry of labor inquiry service.



Check Iqama Expiry Without Absher Account

How to Check Iqama Expiry Online | Top 3 Latest Ways

Follow the below-mentioned steps to check the Iqama expiry date online without Absher Account.

  • Visit the official website of the Ministry of Labor.
  • It will ask you for Login, Tap on the New User.
  • Choose language English or Arabic from the top of the page.
  • Now enter your date of birth and your Iqama number.
  • Now select the DOB column from the given Calendar. (Fill the Image Captcha Code)
  • Click on Next.

On the next page, you will find all the data which includes your name, nationality, date of birth, Iqama number, your mobile number, and the expiry date of Iqama.




Check Iqama Expiry Online Using Absher Account

How to Check Iqama Expiry Online | Top 3 Latest Ways

You can follow these steps to check the Iqama expiry date online with the Absher account.

  • Visit the official website of the Absher.
  • Choose Individual or Business whatever you are.
  • Now you can select the language from the top of that page.
  • Enter your Absher ID and Password.
  • Fill the Image Captcha Code and tap on Sign In.
  • Now enter the OTP code you got on your registered phone number.
  • Click on Log In.
  •  Now tap on Query Iqama Expiry Service.
  • Enter your Iqama ID and Fill Image Captcha Code.
  • Now click on View.

Following these steps, you will find complete information of your Iqama expiry.




Procedure to Check ‘Iqama Expiry’ by Using the Absher App

Follow the below-mentioned steps to check the Iqama expiry date online.

  • Download the Absher app from the Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • After installation log in the app with your user id and password. (Fill the Image Captcha Code)
  • Now you will get the OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP and go to the login page.
  • Now Swipe Left to and go to the ‘E-Inquiry’ Page.
  • Now click on Passport.
  • Click on ‘Query Iqama Expiry Service’.
  • Enter the Iqama Number & image captcha code then Click on ‘View’.

That’s it.

Watch this-


Follow this process to get your Saudi Iqama expiry date. You can check in both Hijri or in Gregorian from the official site of the Ministry Of Labor online Inquiry service.




Iqama Violation Penalties

Multiple people are there who do not take this Iqama seriously. They underestimate the strictness of Iqama in Saudi Arabia. This can cost them later on. They can have to pay huge penalties or fines as per the law. In this article, we have put together the latest penalties on iqama violation in Saudi Arabia.


  1. Are they not carrying Iqama?

This easy mistake can cost you a large number of penalties. If you are not carrying Iqama with you, you need to produce 1000 SAR as a penalty. For this violation, you can be sent to jail as well to showcase any proof within the given time limit. We need to pay SAR 2000 for the second time and SAR 3000 for the third time.


  1. Iqama renewal after the expiry

Iqama is also known as the Saudi Arabia identification card so you cannot give any excuses for not renewing the Iqama. Which is an important document as a resident of Saudi Arabia? Due to this, you need to pay SAR 500 for the renewal of Iqama after it gets expired.

The penalty increases if you continue the same next year too. The sponsor or the organization has to pay double fees if you do not renew it before three days. SAR 650 is normal fees, but it can get increased by SAR 1300 if you make a delay to renew it.



Iqama Renewal Process and Requirements 

Iqama renewal process is available online too, in Saudi Arabia. (Visit the Jawazat Office for an offline process) Visit the MOI Absher portal, which will provide you all the services without visiting the office. Also, you are not required to fill the application form and do not need to submit it physically. 

Just pay the renewal fees and everything will be done online. Moreover, the renewal procedure is the main responsibility of your company. You can submit the application form online just within a few minutes.




  • Pay the Iqama renewal fees– If your sponsor is in financial crunches and asked you to pay the renewal fees to renew your Iqama. In this case, the employees are required to pay the fees. Around 500 riyals is for medical insurance. Pay the dependant charges as well if you have a family.


  • Medical Test– Few countries require your medical certificate. In Saudi Arabia, you will get some of the authorized medical centers for tests. You can go through the medical test from there. Collect the clearance certificate online.


  • Membership of the Saudi Council- To renew the Iqama you should have a valid membership of the Saudi council of engineering. If you do not have the membership, you cannot start the renewal process. Members should check the validity first.


  • Pay the penalty for late renewal charges– Due to any reason, if you cannot renew the Iqama on time, then be ready to pay the late renewal charges. One thousand riyals is the late fee. Even sometimes, the sponsor also does not renew your Iqama on time. In this situation, the payment responsibility is there. You don’t have to worry about that.




Ask your HR to Start the Renewal Procedure

Once you follow all the instructions which are mentioned above, visit the Kafeel or HR office. Tell them that you have done with all the required procedures, and now it’s time to start the Iqama renewal process. HR will cross-check all the documents submitted by you and paid fees.

Along with your Iqama renewal, your dependent’s Iqama will get renewed automatically. After that, you will receive SMS in your registered number. For renewal, you do not need to submit your old Iqama. The authorities will verify it through the online system.



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