How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants?

How to get rid of sugar ants? Sugar ants are small black ants that live native to Australia and the parts near about. Every Springtime, the small ants will invade homes to store food and water for the next Winter. These ants are normally attracted to the sweets and some type of sugary foods. To get rid of these sugar ants there are some natural, chemical and homemade processes.


Natural and Chemical methods

Before getting rid of sugar ants, we should see the places of the trail and follow the line. Thus how we can get to know the entry points into the home and we can use our chemical products there. The chemical and natural homemade methods are as follows:

  • People can use garlic in pantries as their remedies. The smell of the garlic will throw off the ant’s scent trail.
  • Ants normally hate the smell of coffee grounds as it burns them. People can use this where the ant’s next is. They can use it both inside and outside of their shelter.
  • Always people should keep their kitchen neat and clean so that ants can not find the foods easily. Once they find any source of food they keep their pheromones to find that food later. It is the only way of them to find anything by placing their pheromones in the way. That’s why if we keep cleaning our kitchen the pheromones are also cleaned.
  • We can use also a spray bottle by mixing some water and peppermint oil and pouring it into it. This will also help people to get rid of sugar ants.
  • After a long day, we should clean or vacuum at least once our room. It will erase all the pheromones which are left in the room.
  • Boric acid or borax will do the same job also. While it is put in the room for bait the ants take the bait back to their colony and store as food. But it will hurt the ants and slowly kill the ants.

Other remedies

There are some other methods also. If someone does not want to use chemical products like peppermint oil etc. , people can use vinegar as a product that helps to remove the sugar ants or to get rid of sugar ants. Mixing one drop of vinegar with some water and pouring into a spray bottle, we can get the remedy also. In the early morning and the late afternoon, these remedies are most effective. For maximizing the home remedy, we have to spray this in the active hours of the sugar ants. It acts or works like detergents against these pests. 



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